Tips For Dealing With Your Panic Attacks

Panic attacks affect your social life, personal life and romantic life. Learning how to deal with panic attacks is critical to your quality of life. This article will show you some key ways to gain that control so that you aren’t bogged down by it.

If you are more social you may have less panic attacks. Spending time with children and the elderly are great ways to socialize. Volunteering should keep you busy and focused on a positive activity,besides feeling good about yourself.

Don’t accept failure when you are trying to find ways to treat your panic attacks. Remember that experimenting with new methods does not expose you to risks. You cannot harm yourself or exacerbate your condition by trying a new solution.

You must discover a method that cools you down. For instance, take a drink of water or rub your forehead with some ice. The cold acts as a shock to your body, distracting you from your emotions so you can regain control.

As soon as you think you are having a panic attack, try to distract your mind right away. Think about your favorite song or do a puzzle. Do whatever you can to get your mind off of the feeling of panic. This is an effective way to stop an attack and to get you back to feeling better.

There is a lot of information that you can find using professional resources, like the ADAA to find solutions to your panic attack disorder. Their entire focus is on preventing, curing, and treating disorders that cause panic and anxiety. This organization may be able to help.

Learn to be aware of your emotions and body signals, so that you can recognize the symptoms of a panic attack prior to one occurring. Start a journal and track the thoughts and emotions that precede you having a panic attack. Review and take note of which behaviors, thoughts and treatments make your panic attacks less severe and not as long lasting.

Drive at every possible moment, morning or night. Just sit in your car whenever you have a free moment, and think about how much you enjoy driving. This could help you to come face-to-face with your fears.

Ironically, it is often the fear of a panic attack that causes the panic attack to occur. Stop thinking about the sources of your attacks and about the dreaded worry. When you worry about these triggers, there’s a chance you may actually cause one. This is like having someone tell you that you can’t think about cat food. After that, you’ll be a hungry cat all day, which is enough to bring on a panic attack by itself.

Be conscious of your how you are breathing when you are going through a panic attack. Rapid breathing should be slowed down to control any attack. It is important to try to control your breathing when you are having a panic attack because it can help to cut back on the intensity of the attack. Focus on deep breaths to not only gain control of your body but also to let your mind focus on something other than the thoughts that caused the panic attack.

Now that you know better ways to handle your attacks, you can have much more confidence and enjoyment in life. Anxiety and panic attacks are common issues for many people, but when they’re properly managed, they are not that strong an influence on day-to-day life.

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